The following are links that may be of interests to you, we will continually post links so please keep checking in on this site. is a comprehensive consumer guide on housing and mortgages for veterans and active military. It offers a guide to help veterans and active military to understand the benefits of, types of, and eligibility requirements for VA Loans. (Thank you Mike Gray for suggesting this link)
As a way to say Thank you for those American servicemen and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice, Kaziah will paint, for the immediate family, an original oil on canvas portrait (free of charge*) of your fallen loved one. In this small way she can say thank you for giving your all in the cause of freedom.
Wonderful aerial photographs of the blue angels in action.
The mother of Normandy. The story of Madame Simone Renaud, whose devotion to a generation of heroes transcended all boundaries.
The National Museum of Patriotism is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the history of patriotism. The Museum is a research center for exploring the development of patriotism through educational displays and exhibits.
Since World War II, the USO has been a steadfast supporter of military personnel around the world. While times have changed ,the USO mission has remained the same: to boost the morale of service members and serve as the link between them and the American people. Today the USO delivers its programs and services to 1.4 million active duty service members and 1.2 million National Guard and Reserves as well as their families at more than 120 centers located worldwide.
Services include information referral services, Internet and e-mail access, housing and emergency assistance and support groups, to name a few.
AAA Fuel Cost Calculator. Calculate the estimated fuel cost of your next road trip at
For the almost four million people who visit annually, Arlington National Cemetery represents many different things. For some, it is a chance to walk among headstones that chronicle American history; for many, it is an opportunity to remember and honor the nations's war heroes; and for others, it is a place to say at last farewell during funeral services for a family member or friend. Visit our website to learn more.
Marie Kingsbury LaFlower provided this link. It is an excerpt from Joe Hagen's book “Memories of World War II”. It is a very interesting account of the events surrounding the kamikaze attack on LST 534 in Okinawa.
American Legion Post 119 (Mississippi Gulf Post). Contains abundant links to veteran information for all branches of service. It is also a great resource for teachers, students, and parents; it has links to copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States as well as links to weather, astromony, and severe weather alerts by states. You will find much more on this website, it is very well done and easy to navigate. Marie Kingsbury LaFlower provided this link.
A very interesting Navy website which gives information about the LST.
Ted Alevizos provided this link.
D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Marie Kingsbury LaFlower reports that you can even order a memorial brick online through this website. She did that for her father, Lyle Kingsbury.
Amphibious Operations Series in the South Pacific in World War II A wonderful book series by William L. McGee.
Link to the History Channel and step into the past.
The official website of The USS LST Ship Memorial. This website is dedicated to all LST's and those who sailed them.
The U.S. LST Association website.
The official U.S. Navy website.
News about eligibility for the Combat Action Ribbon.

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