George and Eileen Olson.

After 2 years on the Gannet he was transfered to the Milwaukee, an old four stack cruiser which was in San Francisco at the time. During this time, mid 1936 to late 1937, he began his training as a Signalman. He also met his future bride, Eileen Osgood. Even while courting he was away at sea most of the time.

In late 1937 he was transfered to the Somers 381, a brand new destroyer operating out of New York. Eileen and George got married during this time and she moved to New York to be with him even though he was at sea most of the time. The destroyers at that time were doing a lot of anti submarine training, taking him from the North Atlantic, to England, to the South Atlantic, and through the canal to San Diego. Eileen moved to San Diego and their son, George, was born there in 1939.

In June of 1940, while the Somers was in Pearl Harbor, he was transfered to the Mayo. The Mayo was a brand new destroyer of the Benson class operating out of Newport, R.I., so Eileen and baby George moved to the east coast. George B. Olson became a Quartermaster during this time, in what was the roughest sea duty one could imagine.