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DOCUMENTARY - $19.95 purchase (plus $3.00 shipping)

“Onto Rugged Shores: Voyage of LST534” is the story of the vital role the LST played during the second world war as told through the eyes of the men who served on one special ship known simply as the LST534. The documentary traces its life from Evansville, Indiana where she was built, through the D-Day invasion, and later Okinawa where the 534 was severely damaged by a Japanese kamikaze, days before the war ended. The LST was the backbone of the allied invasion forces carrying men and materials onto the invasion beaches. Without them, attack by sea would have been nearly impossible.
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SHIPMATES INTERVIEWS ON VIDEO/DVD (Unedited, raw footage) - $8.00 rental fee

Oscar Cress (85 minutes)

Angelo Cumella (76 minutes)

Alex Fielder Pt. I (60 minutes)

Alex Fielder Pt. II (50 minutes)

Frank Frame (39 minutes)

Larry Gray (65 minutes)

Willie Gunn Pt. I (88 minutes)

Willie Gunn Pt. II (44 minutes)

Spencer James Pt. I (60 minutes)

Spencer James Pt. II (40 minutes)

Norris Long Pt. I (90 minutes)

Norris Long Pt. II (90 minutes)

Luther Lyles (34 minutes)

Harold Makinster Pt. I (62 minutes)

Harold Makinster Pt. II (62 minutes)

Johnny Medeiros (64 minutes)

Edgar Overstake (92 minutes)

Duncan Robey Pt. I (64 minutes)

Duncan Robey Pt. II (64 minutes)

Jim Sarres (64 minutes)

Louis Stockdale (89 minutes)

Joseph Szymanski Pt. I (64 minutes)

Joseph Szymanski Pt. II (64 minutes)

Johnny Wilson (83 minutes)

Jim Miller (80 minutes)

Robert Mitchell (43 minutes)

LST REUNIONS - $8.00 rental fee

1998 Reunion Tape/DVD from Washington, DC (40 min)

1999 Reunion Tape/DVD from San Diego, CA (35 min)

2000 Reunion Tape/DVD from Buffalo, NY (35 min)

2001 Reunion Tape/DVD from Bgm, AL (52 min)

2002 Reunion Tape/DVD from St. Louis, MO (45 min)

2003 Reunion Tape/DVD from Dallas, TX (46 min)

2004 Reunion Tape/DVD from Philadelphia, PA (45 min)

2005 Reunion Tape/DVD from Norfolk, VA (45 min.)


Book One – January 31, 1944 to April 30, 1944

Book Two – May 1, 1944 to August 31, 1944

Book Three–September 1, 1944 to December 31, 1944

Book Four – January 1, 1945 to March 31, 1945

Book Five – April 1, 1945 to June 30, 1945

Book Six – July 1, 1945 to November 2, 1945

MISCELLANEOUS - $10.00 per tape

“Onto Rugged Shores” LST 534 Anthem available on audio tape.

LST Operations in WWII: Amphibious surf; Beaching LST

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